Bolton have revealed their new away kit for the 2019/20 season but how does it compare with other Wanderers away shirts of the past 10 years?

It’s safe to say that the release of Bolton’s new home kit, which was revealed ahead of the Blackpool match earlier this month, wa1s somewhat divisive.

While we’ve grown to appreciate the design, the first reveal photo did little to impress the Bolton fanbase.

However, the new away kit is a far different proposition and while obviously it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, the shirt is a much more eye-catching and attractive design.

After Wanderers played in a temporary yellow Hummel kit earlier in the season, the new away kit was always destined to be yellow and well, it’s very yellow alright.

But just how does Wanderers’ new away kit stack up against the Bolton away kits of the last decade?

18. 2008/09 – Reebok

(Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Technically, this kit shouldn’t be on this list as it’s from 11 years ago but it’s just so awful that it’s been forever engrained into the minds of Wanderers fans and therefore takes it’s rightful place in last on this list.

17. 2012/13 – Adidas

(Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Bolton’s brief spell sporting Adidas kits was something fans had looked forward to but the German sportswear company wound up making some rather uninspiring designs, the worst of which was this rather unfetching grey number. Although it does look better with Marcos Alonso wearing it.

16. 2014/15 – Macron

Despite the fact this kit was made for charity, it doesn’t stop the olive, military green kit from being one of the biggest eye-sores many Bolton fans will have ever seen.

15. 2013/14 – Adidas

(Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Continuing the trend of horrendous eye-sores, this second away effort from Adidas was not much better than the earlier grey kit. The only thing going for this kit was the fact that Bolton hammered Leeds 5-1 at Elland Road during the 2013/14 season.

14. 2009/10 – Reebok

(Photo credit GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

While the home version of this kit is widely regarded by many as the worst Bolton home kit in the last 10 years, the away version doesn’t quite earn the same criticism. While the design is still a little jarring, the colour scheme of the away kit was far easier on the eye.

13. 2019/20 – Hummel

(Photo by Kevin Barnes – CameraSport via Getty Images)

The temporary Hummel kit Wanderers wore at the start of this season had its fans. The clean and sponsorless design was an attractive prospect. However, the red squad numbers clashed horribly with the yellow and blue of the shirt. On top of that, as you can see, despite the shirt having blue chevrons, the shorts featured white chevrons to form a bit of a mish-mash look.

12. 2016/17 – Macron

(Photo by Ian Cook – CameraSport via Getty Images)

This sky-blue effort from the 2016/17 season was a solid effort and won over a number of fans due to it referencing the sky-blue away kit of Big Sam’s era.

11. 2016/17 – Macron

(Photo by Alex Dodd – CameraSport via Getty Images)

The yellow third kit from Macron during the 2016/17 was another solid design that didn’t push the boat out too far but was a little easier on the eye, especially after Sammy Ameobi fired an absolute thunderbolt past Millwall in this very kit.

Something that we’ve always liked about the away kits of 2016/17 is the fact that they matched the sponsor logo, one kit was blue and the other was yellow.

10. 2010/11 – Reebok

(Photo credit GRAHAM STUART/AFP/Getty Images)

This all-blue design was another solid effort from Reebok and provided everything you needed in a Wanderers away kit. The only major complaint is that the sponsor logo took up about 90% of the front of the shirt (figure may be slightly exaggerated).

9. 2011/12 – Reebok

(Photo credit PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s worth pointing out that for this list, we’re ignoring Wanderers’ seemingly cursed relationship with black away kits and focusing on the designs themselves otherwise all the black away kits we’ve had over the last 10 years would be in last place.

This effort from Reebok was the last kit that the company made for Bolton and it was a stunningly eye-catching design. What made it even nicer was in Bolton’s first outing in the kit, they trounced QPR 4-0 away from home to go top of the Premier League.

8. 2015/16 – Macron

This commemorative shirt to remember the 33 lives lost at the Burnden Park disaster was one of Macron’s finest design for us. The two-tone blue colour was stunning and the removal of a sponsor logo completes what was a gorgeous kit. The only downside is that hardly any were made and if we’re remembering correctly, this kit’s first, and possibly only, use was actually as a home kit, hence it’s middling placing on this list.

7. 2017/18 – Macron

(Photo by Rachel Holborn – CameraSport via Getty Images)

Of Macron’s away kits, this is one of the more ‘middle of the road’ designs. The kit was an attractive enough design but the purple colour is the biggest plus point for this effort from 2017/18.

6. 2019/20 – Infinity Apparel

This year’s neon yellow effort from Infinity Apparel is a huge step up from the Hummel kit from earlier this season. The bright yellow contrasted against the black sleeves and collar creates a stunning design that is only let down by the garish Home Bargains logo.

Although with this being an away kit, shouldn’t they have changed the name to ‘Away Bargains’ instead?

5. 2012/13 – Adidas 

(Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images)

This Inter Milan-esque design was easily the high-point from the short-lived Adidas era. While the other kits from Adidas were a bright orange eye-sore and whole load of grey awfulness, there was also this beauty, only let down by the oversized betting sponsor.

4. 2014/15 – Macron

(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

The first batch of Macron kits have to be up there among Wanderers’ nicest designs of recent years. The navy blue version of the 2014/15 kit was a solid effort indeed but is just beaten into the podium places by this next design.

3. 2015/16 – Macron

(Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images)

Again, Wanderers had a torrid time in this black away kit, finishing bottom of the Championship and getting relegated into League One but they did so in some style thanks to Macron.

2.  2018/19 – Macron

(Photo by David Shipman – CameraSport via Getty Images)

While last season saw some of the ugliest football we’ve ever seen played by Bolton, the players looked brilliant while doing so. The red accents of this black design make for a stunning look that was instantly popular with fans, something that only increased when Bolton beat West Brom 2-1 on the opening day of the 2018/19 season while donning this kit.

1. 2018/19 – Macron

(Photo by Andrew Kearns – CameraSport via Getty Images)

And finally, we come to this feast for the eyes. Just like the last kit, Wanderers played some truly awful, awful football while wearing this kit and were relegated to League One as a result but this royal blue effort from Macron was quite easily one of the best looking away kit designs we’ve had.

The two-tone blue stripes and the red accents and squad numbers on the kit made for a stunning design but sadly Bolton’s players couldn’t produce much winning football while donning this Macron kit.

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