Thanks to Bolton stumbling into administration over the summer and the deal to sell the club to its new owners taking so long, Wanderers were unable to organise a proper matchday kit for the team or its supporters.

As a result, shirts from Danish sportswear company Hummel were arranged at the last minute ahead of Wanderers’ first match of the season.

And, for the opening five league games, Bolton’s players have worn these temporary Hummel kits but fans have not been able to get hold of this kit from the club shop.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy Wanderers’ Hummel kits, a bonafide piece of Bolton history, yourselves though, you just have to know where to look.

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Where can you by the temporary Hummel kits?

While the official Hummel website might seem like the best place to start, not all of Bolton’s new temporary shirts are available as we couldn’t find the Wanderers home kit but there are other and cheaper sites out there.

We found all three of Bolton’s temporary Hummel shirts available to buy from but other websites may also stock the shirts in question.

In adult sizes, the home shirt can be yours for just £12 while the away shirt is priced at £13. The goalkeeper shirt, meanwhile, is a little pricier at £15 but if you were to bulk buy the kit, say for a team, it does bring the price down.

Of course, the shirts do not come with the Bolton logo on but it’s the next best thing if you want to own a slice of Wanderers history.

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But what about our ‘proper’ kit?

Since Football Ventures took over at the club, rumours have started to emerge that a new kit is in the works.

However, details on this new kit and the company enlisted to manufacture it are scarce.

While we do know that the proper kit is on its way, it’s not expected to arrive for a few weeks yet.

As a result, this means that Wanderers’ temporary Hummel kits are the next best thing for the time being.


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