A defining week in the history of Bolton Wanderers awaits as the club’s turbulent takeover could be decided.

Despite stumbling towards completion all summer long, with god knows how many complications, the takeover of Bolton Wanderers could finally be decided this week if all goes well but that is a BIG if.

That’s because of the somewhat inconvenient obstacle a High Court injunction, brought on the club by Laurence Bassini, which currently stands in the way of Bolton Wanderers and its, hopefully promising, future.

Hopefully, more light can be shed on the whole sorry situation on Wednesday as the case is due for a High Court hearing in Manchester.

(Photo by Andrew Kearns – CameraSport via Getty Images)

We understand that Bolton’s administrators and potential new owners, the Football Ventures consortium, will be working to have the aforementioned injunction overturned this week with the aim of completing the long-overdue takeover of the club.

Hopefully, having the injunction overturned – if it happens that is – will result in Laurence Bassini’s claim on Bolton Wanderers being thrown out but knowing how tenacious Bassini has been in his pursuit of owning the club then who knows what could happen?

However, if things take a turn for the worse and his bid to buy the club from Ken Anderson in May is upheld then it could throw huge doubt over the future of our great club yet again.

For the first time in years, the Bolton fanbase was united behind Phil Parkinson as he told BBC Radio Manchester on Saturday that Laurence Bassini should ‘leave us alone, please, leave us alone’ in a hair-raising interview following a heroic display from Wanderers’ youngsters.

It’s a sentiment that the club’s fans can surely all get behind after the last 12 months of questionable ownership, to say the least.

If Bassini’s claim on Bolton Wanderers is thrown out, as many at the club hope it will be, then we might finally see an end to the turbulent takeover that’s been hanging over the club like a shadow in recent weeks and can kick-on towards a brighter future for the club.

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