Fans of Bolton and Wigan have taken to social media to criticise the ticket prices for December’s local derby.

The tickets for the derby match went on sale last week, with adult tickets costing up to £35 as the match has been given Category A status.

A number of fans on both sides of the fence have complained about the pricing structure and believe this to be grossly overcharging for a match between two sides at the lower end of the Championship.

Could lowering prices work?

Bolton have struggled to fill their stadium all season long with average attendances sitting around 14,000, half of the total capacity of 28,723.

While the most likely explanation is the team’s poor form and and unattractive brand of football, would lower ticket prices entice more fans back?

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One fan believes so and offers a solution to the low attendances at the University of Bolton Stadium this season.

While another fan disagrees.

Talk of a boycott

Meanwhile, some Wigan fans are proposing a boycott of the game over the ticket prices.

One Wigan fan believes he has the answer to the ticket prices.

The reality

With all of this in mind though, it’s important to note is that the ticket prices at the University of Bolton Stadium haven’t actually risen since at least 2015 according to the Guardian, when the most expensive ticket was still £35.

This means that prices were the same when the two clubs last met in the Championship during the 2014/15 season.

While cheaper tickets would surely be welcomed by all, would it really boost attendances by all that much?

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The prospect of watching 90 minutes of hoof-ball in the cold is unlikely to whet the appetites of many fans, regardless of any rivalry.

As a result, the attendance probably wouldn’t increase by much unless Wanderers’ form took a sharp turn for the better.

Unless lowering prices saw a dramatic increase in attendances, it could also be financially damaging to a club that is already struggling to keep its head above the financial waterline.

Besides, the tickets have already gone on sale so the prices won’t change now. Those who are truly set on seeing the match will likely pay whatever the cost.

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