This article was first posted on Wednesday, November 20 and has since been updated. The EFL’s independent disciplinary panel have since revealed their decision that Bolton will receive a suspended five-point deduction and a fine for missing matches against Brentford and Doncaster, the latter of which will be rescheduled and played as normal. 

After months of waiting, the moment of truth appeared to be on the horizon for Wanderers after the EFL’s independent disciplinary panel met last week to finally make a decision on Wanderers’ punishment for missing two matches during the height of the club’s financial woes.

The decision was supposedly going to be revealed last Friday (November 15) but that was quickly postponed until this week. Alan Nixon of The Sun claimed that we could finally learn Wanderers’ fate today (Wednesday, November 20).

However, according to The Bolton News, that decision could potentially “still be weeks away from being revealed” which is a bit of a slap in the face for those hoping for a speedy resolution.

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As well as the 12-point deduction Bolton received for entering administration in May, a further EFL points deduction has been hanging over Wanderers like a dark cloud for months.

No one has known for certain what the punishment might be for Bolton as the situation the club and league find themselves in is unique to say the least.

Despite thinking that we might finally learn what punishment awaits Bolton, we’ve been greeted with the news no one wanted to hear, another delay.

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What’s most frustrating about this whole debacle is that Wanderers have just propelled themselves into positive points for the first time this season and could have to do it all over again if another points deduction is applied.

It’s hardly surprising that the EFL’s disciplinary panel are taking their time with this decision as there will no doubt be a lot of people upset by the result. Whether it’s Bolton, who are working miracles to stave off relegation, or the other clubs in League One who are calling for as harsh a penalty as possible.

But we’ve been waiting long enough. The dubious Doncaster cancellation was now three months ago and the Brentford match was SEVEN months ago. It’s time that this whole mess got sorted and we can all draw a line under the hugely frustrating ordeal, whatever punishment the EFL sends Bolton’s way.

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