Could interest from Laurence Bassini have caused more problems for Bolton with administration on the horizon?

Bolton Wanderers have released a statement this morning confirming Ken Anderson’s and The Eddie Davies Trust’s intention of appointing an administrator to the club following yesterday’s High Court adjournment.

The club’s almost inevitable slide into administration will come with a 12-point deduction for next season’s points tally.

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However, if Wanderers had filed for administration before March 28, the 12-point penalty would have been applied to this season’s total instead.

Of course, no one is entirely sure just when Laurence Bassini’s interest in Bolton sparked up but if the controversial former Watford owner was indeed in attendance at Bolton’s April 3 court date as reported by the several parties at the time, there is every possibility he was in discussions with Ken Anderson before the March 28 deadline.

(Photo by Andrew Kearns – CameraSport via Getty Images)

If it hadn’t have been for Laurence Bassini’s interest in buying the club at the time, Wanderers could have sought administration earlier and thus preventing next season’s points deduction that will leave Bolton with it all to do, starting 12-points behind the rest of the field before a ball is even kicked.

While Bassini’s intentions may have been good, he certainly seemed passionate when speaking to Sky Sports News last month, the timing of his takeover bid could actually have caused more harm to Wanderers than good, especially now that his deal to buy the club has collapsed.

Regardless of that though, the club has been through some truly torrid times this season and hopefully, administration will be the lowest point on this downward trajectory.

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